Throwback, Tracy McGrady’s 13 Points In Just 35 Seconds Left

December 12, 2004, Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs game where the Spurs have a big lead with time running out. T-Mac delivers with supremacy and efficiency, scoring the last 13 points of the Houston Rockets. (via

T-Mac scored 4 three-pointers and one happens with a foul, to make it 13 points. The momentum shifted to Rockets after T-Mac made the consecutive points to cut the deficit by just two. The next position of the Spurs is bad, to force them to loose the ball.

The Rockets have just one last shot to tie things up or a three-pointer to have a lead. After the turnover of the Spurs, T-Mac gets the ball to make a last push, he decided to shot a three-pointer and it counts. The Spurs just throw the ball and it didn’t score because the time is running out. With amazing performance from T-Mac, the Houston Rockets win the game with a 1 point advantage.

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