16 Photos Of Philippines Child Stars Then And Now

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Young stars have dependably been a vital piece of Philippine silver screen. You can’t simply have some expert on-screen character act the part of a youngster. On the other side, youngsters once in a while be able to act because of the way that  they are youthful and blameless.

There are those that utilization this as a venturing stone beginning from a young star to an expert on-screen character later on. On the other hand the Philippine film has never had a deficiency of outstanding young stars. We’re going to examine sixteen of these prominent tyke stars with reference to how they began and how they are currently. Just to be clear, these aren’t the 16 best tyke stars however they do have an essential effect to those that recollect that them.

We grew up with them. Some waited in showbiz while some vanished however it doesn’t change the way that they used to be acclaimed. Here are the 16 child stars.


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